Gifts for hikers: how to find the right one?

In my group of friends there are a lot of hikers, so in the last decade I gave and got a lot of hiking related gifts. I saw what kind of gifts can be given, which ideas are good or not so good and in this article I want to share my experience with you on this subject. Below I suggest you gift ideas for all budgets, mostly mountain equipment but also from other categories, which can be offered as a surprise or with consulting the person who will get the gift. Continue reading...


The world’s most important mountaineer in Cluj-Napoca

On the 29th of October world-famous alpinist, Denis Urubko visited Cluj-Napoca and I was also present at the event. In our video on this topic, I make a summary of the main ideas that were discussed and you can also see footage from this year’s rescue mission on Nanga Parbat and Urubko’s attempt to climb K2 solo in the winter. You can also see how he trains to climb those big peaks and what questions was he asked in the Q&A session and what his answers were. Continue reading...

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6 camping spots near the Transfăgărășan road

Do you want to camp close to Transfăgărășan, called "the best road in the world" by Top Gear? Do you want to wake up to the scenery provided by the road crossing the heart of the Făgăraș mountains, the biggest mountain region of Transylvania? Do you want to put your tent in a place from where the three highest peaks of Romania are accessible in a day? Read on, to find out about your options. Continue reading...

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